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Removing the cloak of silence

Election Publicity I have to apologise for being very vague in my posts about the elections, and making one of my posts disappear altogether (the first time that’s happened in a ver long time). Unfortunately the election regulations are very strict, especially in the realm of electronic communication – I couldn’t post any publicity to sites not hosted by the university, nor could I use email lists. Furthermore any web pages I did post had to be approved by the assistant returning officer and the content must not allude to any other candidate running in the election.
I originally posted something which encouraged people to check out my election web site and vote for me, but having done so I realised that would probably be against the regulations and would have seen me reprimanded (since this site isn’t hosted by the university and doesn’t have a university domain suffix), so I removed it a couple of hours later. However, with Bloglines crawling this site hourly it meant that it indexed the post and at least a couple of you enquired as to the whereabouts of the post.
If it interests you, I got 23.2% of the vote, with the other two candidates tied on 35.2% and the RON – Re-Open Nominations – candidate on 6.4%. We use ATV – Alternative Transferrable Voting system – so RON was elminated and counting went to a second round. After the second round one of the other two candidates pulled ahead, I was eliminated and then the count went to a third round, after which a result was announced. All in all, about 1000 people voted, a turnout of around 10%. It might not seem a lot but that’s up on last year’s 7%.
Being a candidate has been a very interesting – and enjoyable – experience, though I’m not sure whether I’d do it again next year since it is a lot of extra stress on top of project work, which has suffered in the past 3 weeks. Thankfully Easter is nearly here (one more week of lectures to go) so I’ll have time to catch up then.
On a not-so-related note, I received my semester 1 marks today. Or rather, most of them. The two that I did get were very good – 67% and 70.7% (equivalent to 2:1 and First Class honours), but the third wasn’t yet available. And yet the module consisted of two 50% courseworks, one handed in in November and the other December. I think you’ll agree that 3 months is a ridiculously long time.
And finally, here’s another photo from last night.

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