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Roll on next year

Just to want to thank all the Bradford students reading this for voting for me – I got a total of 192 votes (plus 4 transferred votes) in the election today. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to get me elected.
The result was a bit of an inevitability as I was against two very strong candidates, however it was a good, clean contest with a higher turnout than previous years. I’m not bitter about it, though naturally I’m a little disappointed.
So, next year, it looks like I’ll be a student again. Bring it on. 🙂


  1. Bugger. Nevermind. Personally, I didn’t vote, as you saw!

  2. I was sure you’d beat the guy (Tom something) who came to LGBT to convince us to vote for him and said “vote for me and I won’t spend all your money”.
    But ah well.

  3. Tom was the guy who won. He may not seem like the best guy for the job but I’m sure he’ll do well. I’m hoping to stay on Union Council next year so I’ll be able to ensure that he’s doing his job properly.

  4. Well I voted for you. The person manning the voting station in Richmond I hadn’t seen for months, so that was pretty good – though she was much to busy to talk. I was quite impressed with the number of people voting too, I don’t know what percentage of the university did vote but it must be quite high for union elections.

  5. Thanks 🙂 . Turnout was about 10%, up from about 7.5% last year. It sounds low but that’s actually quite good for a union election.

  6. Hard luck Neil. At least you’ll be on council next year anyway

  7. The reason I didn’t vote is because I’m not here next year, so my opinion won’t matter.
    People are voted in because of their friends. That’s basically it. If you’re well known you’ll get in. Fact.