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No Smoking Day

Today is National No Smoking Day in the UK – an annual event to encourage people to give up smoking. There’s not much going on campus for it – the open day today and the elections tomorrow mean that it would probably be inappropriate – but I gather there’s a number of events going on across the country.
If you’re a smoker reading this, then please consider giving up. You’ll be doing your health a favour, and helping your friends, family and the public at large too. You’ll also cease to line the pockets of various corporations like Altria who try to suppress research into smoking-related illnesses.
I know it’s not easy – not from personal experience, since I’ve never smoked and vowed never to start – but I do have a number of friends who have eventually managed to give up smoking for good. Indeed my father did 18 years ago and he hasn’t looked back.


  1. HI NEIL!!
    i dont really know how i discovered ur website, but just thought u’d like 2 no that it rather amused me 4 a while, lol. Im from northern ireland and my sis is living in leeds. Went clubbin there a coupla weekends ago and it was mental!!!

  2. Can I bum a smoke?