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Going further in higher

Today was one of Bradford’s three open days so I had a look at my options for postgraduate study. While I’ll hopefully be treasurer of the student union next day (I’ll find out late tomorrow night if that is the case), I’d also like to carry on my studies beyond undergraduate level, so this is, if you like, plan B.
The course I’m most interested in is MSc Forensic Computing, which combines computing and forensic sciences for investigation of computer crime. It’s quite a new course – should I start this in September I’d be in only the second year of students taking it. But it does sound really interesting and it’s a bit different to what I’m doing right now.
As for my application, I’ve been assured that unless I make a right royal mess of my final year I can be largely assured of a place on the course, which is a relief. The academic staff, of whom I’m already on first name terms with anyway, seemed pretty keen to take me on. It’s nice to feel wanted.
I’ll let you know on Friday what the result was on Thursday. All I can say is that if you’re a Bradford student, please get out there and use your vote tomorrow.
incidentally, today I saw an advert for the University of Central Lancashire in a postgraduate funding guide. Here’s a quote from it (emphasis mine):

You’ll also find you’re studying in Preston, the city rated second most affordable for students by the Sunday Times HE Guide

Guess which city was rated the most affordable? 🙂


  1. I’m currently planning on working for a year before going on to do a masters.
    Forensic computing is a course I quite fancy too, but I’m more likely to take the MSc in Information Technology In eCommerce (though some of the modules are shared so I’d be getting information from you).

  2. The forensic computing course looks fascinating Neil (as are the google ads generated by this post!)