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Browser upgrade

Screenshot of the Netscape 7.2 download page in Netscape 4.7 It doesn’t inspire a huge amount of confidence when the download page for Netscape 7.2 doesn’t render properly in Netscape 4.7. Much of the text is so small it’s unreadable, and the menu options to increase the text size are greyed out.
The Firefox download page is only slightly better – the text is readable but the layout is horribly messed up.
incidentally the reason why I’m using Netscape 4.7 is because it’s the only web browser available on our Sun Solaris machines which I need to use to run an obscure database system called O2 (it’s an object database as opposed to a relational database like MySQL). We really, really need to get Firefox on those machines, NS4 drives me insane.


  1. Font sizes have always been a major problem on UNIX versions of Netscape.
    AFAIK you can set your own font size in the Preferences and make it override the font sizes from the websites’ HTML and/or CSS.

  2. I’ve found that disabling style sheets in Advanced Prefs in NS4 is the best way to use it. It was just too crashy otherwise, at least on windows. Yeah, the web looks a little dull, but at least you can read it.

  3. I know the pain. This year we have our C++ classes on Sun machines. Working on NN4.7 comparing to other recent browsers is horible. Some pages don’t even load, some had x-small fonts, when others don’t render properly.

  4. I’m supposed to be doing my c++ on Windows, but what I usually end up doing is ssh into a Sun machine and do it on there. Sun machines may not always have pretty browsers available, but there’s none of your Winsock nightmares. Though to be honest, most lecturer’s web pages look so awfull I imagine they’d be better in Lynx than Netscape.