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The problem with FUD

When people make decisions based on FUD instead of facts, you end up with situations like this one.

There will be no red noses in three Catholic schools in south Wales on Friday because church leaders claim money raised by Comic Relief will be used to fund abortions.

Right. Scroll down further:

A spokesman for Comic Relief said: “In 2000 we opened dialogue with the Catholic bishops of England and Wales to help communicate the facts. They issued a statement confirming that after careful examination of our records, they were satisfied with Comic Relief’s assurance that we do not fund and have never funded abortion services or the promotion of abortions.”

Even if Comic Relief did fund abortions, I’d still be happy to donate money to them, but then I believe that maybe women should be allowed to decide what happens to their own bodies.


  1. Care there, Neil! I think you are talking about ‘Roman Catholic’ schools. Note that Anglicans also believe in one ‘Catholic and apostolic church’. In fact Roman Catholics (of which I am one) and Anglicans, as far as I can tell share the same Creed completely.
    Sorry to be picky! However, when you look at things in this light, it makes you wonder why two denominations of the same faith are busy trying to kick 7 bells out of each other in certain parts of the British Isles.
    Now back to the point. The Roman Catholic church disagrees with abortion and in the UK they largely fund their own schools. So it is not totally unreasonable, should they deem an organisation is funding such activities, that they disagree with that, too. I would expect them to maybe disagree, frown, get upset, but not ban anything. That’s daft.
    In this case it seems they are wrong, so I would expect them to reverse the situation and let the children take part in a very important social and charitable event…. because owning up when you are wrong is an important part of moral attitudes, too.

  2. I was just quoting from the article 🙂 . I’m guessing it refers to Roman Catholics, but that’s something you’d need to clarify with The Guardian, not me.

  3. I believe it’s usual to abbreviate ‘Roman Catholic’ as ‘Catholic’ – I’d be surprised if it would cause genuine confusion.
    Oddly enough, the main reason I don’t support Comic Relief is that it works with christian organisations.

  4. Sorry, that sounded worse than I intended! I meant that I won’t assist charities which are linked to religious organisations, such as the christian church, not that I necessarily think less of christianity than other religions.

  5. Roman Catholic schgools and all other ‘faith’ schools receive 90% of their funding from the government. Does the fact that they fund only 10% themselves give them the right to be dogmatic? A similar situation applies to the new Academies where, for a laughingly small donation in relation to the annual amount the government gives them, an organisation can impose its views on all pupils.

  6. Neil,
    I’ve noted an interesting follow up article on this matter, ending with a sentence that should provoke thought/discussion!,,1432568,00.html