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Something to proud about

Endsleigh Insurance have released a league table of cities with high burglary rates. Leeds came out top, with 99% more burglaries than the average, followed by Hull (84%) and Nottingham (72%). York, my home town, came in at a surprisingly high 6th at 45%, yet Liverpool, with its ‘theiving scousers’ image, didn’t make the top 10. Edinburgh was apparently the safest place with 56% below the average.

And Bradford? Not in the top 10 either 🙂 . Bradford does have an image problem because of the race riots of summer 2001, but in actual fact crime has been falling recently. After consulting the full results, Bradford is nowhere to be seen. Maybe we got lumped in with Leeds. Meh.

That said, arguably the statistics may be somewhat biased. Endsleigh are part-owned by the NUS and insure a lot of students, so their figures are likely to be biased towards the big university towns. While Bradford does have a university (obviously), it’s pretty small when compared to the institutions in the other towns in the league table. It may be that the burglary rate in Bradford is much higher, but that the majority of people being burgled are insured with someone else.

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  1. That must be a first, good news about Swindon. According to this I live in the “safest” place in England. Or hardly anyone here is insured with Endsleigh.