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Keighley Station

Keighley Station

I was up in Keighley today and took a few photos of Keighley Station. As well as being on the main Airedale Line between Leeds/Bradford and Skipton (where it leads on to the very scenic Settle and Carlisle Line) it’s served by the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a privately-owned heritage railway that runs to Haworth and Oxenhope. It has a number of steam locomotives and old diesel railcars in use and a couple were out today.

I didn’t take any photos while in Keighley itself, simply because there was almost nothing to take photographs of. It’s a very uninspiring town with the usual high street shops and some pathetic 60s and 70s architecture blemishing some otherwise nice Victorian stone buildings. It’s a bit like Bradford in a way only more depressing. And with more chewing gum on the pavements.

I was there to help hand out leaflets to locals about the British National Party and ‘Nazi Nick’ – Nick Griffin, the leader of the party. He’s standing in the Keighley constituency in the hope of getting elected as their member of parliament, and we’re campaigning against him and his party’s fascist policies.

Most people who took leaflets at least took a glance at it to see what it was about, some even read it in more detail (the front has a picture of Griffin and a few bullet points explaining how he has denied the holocaust and was recently arrested for inciting racial hatred). There were, however, a minority who, after one quick glance at it, scrunched it up and threw it on the floor, which was a bit disheartening. Someone paid to have that printed, the least they could have done is read it, or give it back if they were that close-minded so that it could have been given to someone else.

The ethnic make-up of Keighley town centre on a Saturday afternoon was somewhat different to what I’m used to in Bradford – most people were white with only a few Asians around. In Bradford, the Asian population is more prevalent. There was also a greater number of chavs about than I was expecting.

I hadn’t really been into Keighley before, and I now know why – it’s not really got anything going for it. It’s better than Bracknell, but not by much.

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