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Headphone followups

Just want to say thanks for your headphone recommendations.
I went with the Sennheiser PMX60s that someone recommended – they were £12+£2 postage from some dude on eBay. Not bad when most places were asking about £25 for them and the price I paid was well within my budget.
I should get them within the next week or so – the seller didn’t accept PayPal so I’ve had to post a cheque which will take a couple of days to arrive (what with it being a weekend) and a further few days to clear. eBay people: please enable PayPal or an equivalent system like Nochex on your auctions – it makes for less effort on both sides, since I don’t have to write a check and post it, and you don’t have to cash it in. It’s also instantaneous – no postal delays, no clearance periods. Of course there’s the PayPal fees, but the customer does save a few pennies on postage.
I also found a cable that’ll let me use my big Sennheiser headphones that have been out of action for some time now. The cables are almost impossible to get hold of since they have a 3.5mm stereo jack at one end and a 2.5mm at the other, and most 2.5-3.5mm converters don’t work because they don’t fit in properly. If this cable does work then I’ll have a very good pair for home use and a good pair for mobile iPod use.
I did come across an American eBay user selling Griffin’s EarJams – attachments to your existing white iPod earphones to improve the bass and make them fit better in your ears – but at around £12 including international postage they were not much cheaper than the Sennheisers. And I’d be less of a target for muggers.


  1. Its nice to know your atking up my reccomendation my other friends have been pleased. hopefully you’ll let me know what you think. The price you paid seems very fair and a good buy. Hope you enjoy!

  2. One person recommended the Sennheiser whereas two people recommened the Sonys. I’m not bitter, but I’ve used the Sony ones as my housemate has them and I’m considering buying a pair. They’re really comfortable, light and the bass is amazing. Oh well, no point trying to sell you ’em now.

  3. Trovster: The Sennheisers were a whole fiver cheaper and I prefer the design.