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Posting has been a little light here of late for reasons that I’ll have difficulty telling you, short of pointing you here. But anyway, here’s roughly what’s happening in my life right now:

  • Went into town today to buy an outfit for a fancy dress birthday party next week. Photos will appear soon, I’m sure.
  • I also put in my third cheque from Google today.
  • Upgraded my stable copy of Firefox to 1.0.1, now that the official en-GB build is out. As for my primary copy of Firefox, I’m using yesterday’s nightly build (20050303). This has the new preferences window, which actually landed a few days ago on the Firefox 1.1 trunk but I’ve waited until the majority of the bugs had been fixed before updating. There’s a couple of minor cosmetic bugs with it right now but other than that it seems to work okay, and the main issue that I blogged about in January (tab highlighting) has been addressed.
  • While I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately, I’ve been quite active over at Flickr, posting new photos most days. Here’s today’s contribution, plus a set from Monday taken at the university’s School of Management. Having a cameraphone and a way of transferring the images to my laptop without incurring any charges has certainly helped.
  • Tomorrow I’m off up to Keighley for some Unite Against Fascism stuff. Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, is intent on standing in Keighley in this year’s general election and so there’s an increasingly organised campaign going on up there to combat them. The UAF conference that I went to in London last Saturday was really inspirational and I’m more determined than ever to help out as much as I can.
  • I have the DVD of Red Dwarf Season 5 on order, along with the Ministry of Sound’s Mash Up Mix album – 2CDs of mashups of popular club anthems. That’s presumably because mashups are popular right now and because there’s barely any decent dance music coming out these days.
  • A very nice fellow posted The Friday Night Armistice to UKNova. It was a TV show from 1996 that reacted to current events in a satirical way, and is very funny. It’s hosted by Armando Iannucci, a regular on various Radio 4 panel games and writer of I’m Alan Partridge. As well as being hilarious it was nice to look back at the current events of 1996, when England hosted a major international football competition, when John Major was prime minister and Tony Blair was leader of the opposition, and when the situation in Northern Ireland was, well, still not very good.
  • I’m staying in tonight – I haven’t been sleeping that well lately so I’m going to bed after I finish this.


  1. Hey, so what are the advantages of the en-GB firefox 1.01 over the en-US version? Is it just spelling changes? On the search bar does it have and instead of their .com counterparts?

  2. Owen: Yes, that’s basically it. It also has the default language selection set to en-gb instead of en-us so you’re more likely to get the UK version of web sites than the US versions.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about UKNOVA. Last time I checked it wasn’t working.