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Download Supernoid

You can now download Supernoid. Andy sent it to me yesterday and I’ve verified that it still works.
This upload is slightly different to the version previously available for download – I’ve packaged it in a new installer instead of the default one that The Games Factory uses, and it’s self-extracting instead of being in a zip file. This means that the installer is now nicer, and the download package is 40% smaller thanks to the LZMA (7-Zip) compression algorithm. Just goes to show what progress has been made with compression algorithms over the years.
It’s not the greatest game in the world and it’s prone to crashing on the first level but it was good to play it again. If you do get it, let me know if it doesn’t work as I’m not entirely convinced that the installer will work properly.


  1. I downloaded this in the hope of reviving the thrill of some good old fashioned gaming and indeed that’s what I got! It was great fun to play but unfortunately despite having got to level 5 I was forced to quit. I had two problems: firstly, sometimes, the ball would travel endlessly in a straight line, horizontally or vertically, and wouldn’t break out of the cycle and, secondly, on level 5 it began to jerk repeatedly and repeat sounds and music fragments until I quit out. Still, as I said, very quick to indulge in and great fun to play. Nice looking theme here btw!

  2. Sorry about that – the game is unfortunately a bit buggy. But there’s not much I can do without access to the original game files which I fear may have been lost forever. Next time I’m at my parents’ house I’ll dig around my backup CD-Rs to see if I saved it.