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A challenge

Here’s a challenge for you lot: See if you can get yourself a copy of a game called Supernoid. It’s a game I created in The Games Factory about 5-6 years ago and released on the internet, but managed to lose all trace of. It’s a clone of Arkanoid/Breakout that wasn’t very good, and had a habit of crashing on the first level due to a Games Factory bug. It’s Windows-only, before you ask.
If anyone can send me a copy of the zip file (look for Supernoid Full Edition 1.02 if you can) I’ll be greatful.


  1. There’s a copy of it available on Fileplanet by the looks of it. The bad thing is there’s a rather long queue (129min at the time of writing) – apparently I’m not the only one looking for it.

  2. Jump the queues: Supernoid Full Edition 1.02.

    Neil – did you not look on Google? Or did you just want to see how many people would go looking and downloading this thing.
    Will it even run in XP 😛

  4. The link on that Breakout page is dead – it was the first result on Google 🙂
    Google’ing the filename gives 1 result: the Fileplanet link I posted.
    And yes, it does run on XP – I downloaded and played it for a bit 🙂

  5. its on its way Neil…

  6. Yay, I finally have a copy of my own game again 🙂 . And it does appear to still run on XP.