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Still snowing

Today’s the fourth day of snow. There’s a pretty good covering of snow on the ground now and there have been a number of local school closures. Hopefully the really cold weather today (between 1° and -2°C for Bradford) will stop the snow from melting, like it has previously.
Since we appear to have concluded that February is indeed in winter, here’s a soundtrack for today – “Winter” by DT8 Project featuring Angela Britton.


  1. Norfolk (especially the village I live in) is still getting plenty of snow, although places like Norwich seem to get almost none. Yesterday the bus I take to College didn’t turn up, so I got a day off 🙂

  2. Sheffield, Chesterfield and the rest of my area is pretty much snowed in. There’s a big massing of people on the field near my house having snowball fights, and the neighbours have built Snowmen… it feels just like Christmas. Only, 2 months on.

  3. I was rather hoping it would clear up in time for a bike ride tomorrow evening and a bus across the penines on Saturday. Oh well, it’s all good fun.
    Hey, looking at the google ads – we could all club together and buy some more snow and keep all the schools and colleges closed for the kids.

  4. Cool, I didn’t know that eBay sold snow! Though I suppose it’s hardly surprising when you consider what else is on there… 😉

  5. Haha. Sweet. I think that’s a great idea. The snow is still falling, albiet slowly. Yey.

  6. i wish it snowed where i live, it’s rare to get rain around here…