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Trackback Moderation in MT

One feature that, until now, was sorely missing from Movable Type, was trackback moderation – the ability to hold trackbacks in a queue before they are published to ensure that they’re not spam (or simply unwanted).
Now Chad Everett has come along and created a new version of MT-Moderate which enabled moderation for trackback pings in a similar way to how comments are handled in MT3.x. Now, if you receive a trackback ping to an old an entry, it can be held in a queue instead of being posted immediately.
I would use it here but at the moment there’s an incompatibility between it and SimpleComments, which is what I use for displaying comments and trackback pings together – under SimpleComments, unmoderated pings also show up. But it’s still a very welcome plugin.


  1. Doesn’t MT-Blacklist filter trackbacks? I thought, considering the amount of TB spam that us bloggers have been suffering, it would.
    Spam Karma for WordPress does (although it’s ‘experimental’, but it works fine).

  2. It would probably be fairly simple to tweak the SQL query made by SimpleComments to also filter out trackbacks.
    If trackbacks still have a comment_visible column in the database, I think I know what to change.
    In block.MTSimpleComments.php, line 153 (should be inside the get_results blog for pings) add this after $entry_filter:
    and comment_visible = 1
    If the field is there, this should make SimpleComments work on trackbacks also 🙂

  3. i could do with it in MT 2.x as thats where I have been getting all my spam from recently – hardly get any through comments.

  4. Steve: MT-Blacklist filters trackbacks, but it can’t moderate them – they can only be accepted or denied. This allows a third, in-between state.
    Collin: That would work for the PHP version but I also use the Perl version 🙂
    Andy: Upgrade to MT3.x then 🙂 . If you join the 6A Professional Network you get a 5×5 license free with membership, which is also free. MT 3.x is far better than 2.x.

  5. No promises, but try this in the plugin file 😉

    @pings = grep { $_->visible() } @pings
    if MT->version_number >= 3 && $moderate;

    Right after line 77,

    @pings = MT::TBPing->load(\%terms, \%args);

    If I’m reading the perl right, that might work 🙂

  6. Ohboy ohboy ohboy! I sure hope this plugin works! Thanks for the link Neil.

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  8. MT-Moderate plugs a hole in Movable Type 3

    MT-Moderate will become one of your favorite plugins.

  9. Ok, slight change to my previous idea.
    I installed MT on a secondary domain to toy with, and I found what you actually need to modify for
    After this line:

    @pings = MT::TBPing->load(\%terms, \%args);

    Add these two lines:

    @pings = grep { !$_->created_by() } @pings
    if MT->version_number >= 3 && $moderate;

    SimpleComments will then only display those trackbacks that have been approved 🙂