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The perils of being an early adopter

Almost exactly 7 months ago, I ordered an iPod Mini (you’ll probably have to scroll down). Back then, a standard unengraved iPod Mini with a student discount was £165.
Fast forward to today, and Apple have announced their new iPod Mini range. The 4GB model now has more vibrant colours, and a battery that can last for more than twice as long as the old model. There’s also a 6GB model which costs a little more.
But here’s the annoying bit – as well as boosting the battery life, Apple lowered the price. Had I waited 7 months, I could have had the same green iPod Mini with longer battery life for £139, or £128 with my student discount. In fact, the 6GB model would have only been £155 with a student discount (£169 without), so I could have had 50% more storage too. And they both have free engraving, which cost extra when I ordered mine.
Oh well. On the other hand, I’ve really appreciated the 6-and-a-bit months that I’ve had the unit and so arguably that makes up for the price difference. And I was the first amongst my friends to own one.
Of course, this means you have even less reason not to own an iPod unit now, since they represent even better value for money.
incidentally Apple have updated the iPod software. It’s mostly of use for 2G and 3G iPod owners, iPod Shuffle owners and iPod Mini owners with Macs.


  1. There is nothing you can do. This happens. As soon as you buy a computer part it’s out of date virtually immediately. I don’t get it when people compare their use of the unit to justify the price difference though…

  2. But I’ve just bought a 20 Gb Creative Zen for £164! Okay, it doesn’t come in vibrant colours, but that’s a selling point, for me.
    Value for money? iPod? I don’t think so 😉

  3. Do these Student discounts work globally?

  4. they were doing a good deal at aria on a nomad 40gb jukebox, but it still costs £280 but would be really cool to have all my music on it. Just waiting to see what type of stereo is in the car we get.

  5. My ongoing purchasing of Apple products just before a new model or price drop continues … so far …. 3rd Gen iPod bought a week before the 4th Gen, a cinema display just before a tidy price drop and now an ipod mini a few weeks before a new one!

  6. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t wait till now till I got it.

  7. I bought a 60 GB iPod Photo when it first came out. Yea. As of today that same iPod Photo is $150 cheaper. I hear ya man!

  8. Its the problem with apple in general really, they constantly rerelease their products specced up and cheaper. You can’t wait forever really