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Unite Against Fascism National Conference

UAF National Conference Poster This Saturday I’m off to the National Conference of Unite Against Fascism, a national campaign against the British National Party. Speakers include:

  • Kevin Curran (GMB)
  • Billy Hayes (CWU)
  • Barry Camfield (TGWU)
  • Amicus National representative
  • Wilf Sullivan (TUC)
  • Tim Lezard (NUJ)
  • Dawn Butler (GMB)
  • Harry Cohen MP (Labour party)
  • Jon Cruddas MP (Labour party)
  • John Cryer MP (Labour party)
  • Jennette Arnold (London Assembly Member, Labour party)
  • Iqbal Sacranie (Muslim Council of Britain)
  • Claude Moraes MEP (Labour party)
  • Glyn Ford MEP (Labour party)
  • Leon Greenman OBE (holocaust survivor)
  • Henry Guterman MBE (holocaust survivor)
  • Kirsten Hearne (LGBT Liaison REGARD)
  • Weyman Bennett (ANL)
  • Lee Jasper (National Assembly Against Racism)
  • Mohammed Azam (UAF North West)
  • Yasmin Qureshi (Human Rights lawyer)
  • Kat Fletcher (NUS President)

The conference starts at 9:30pm and is being held at the TUC Conference Centre in Congress House on Gt Russell St, London WC1. For Bradford people, transport is available – email Sarah at ubu-communications {at} if you’re interested in going. It’s £5 for individuals or £3 for students or unwaged people, see the UAF web site for a booking form.

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  1. Hope you have a good trip, Neil.