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I just want to put a good word in for Tonik, a site which sells cheap compatible ink cartridges. I’m using a couple of theirs right now and despite being more than 3 times cheaper than the official Epson cartridges they seem to work fine. Whereas I’d normally pay £15 for one official Epson balck and white cartridge, I can get a blank and white and a colour cartridge for £11 including delivery. They were recommended to me be a friend so I’m passing on the recommendation.
They also do bulk discounts – save 30% if you buy 6.


  1. I just refill them myself. This helps me cut price about six times for my HP cartridges. There is a special refill kit. And it is not too complex and I do not see any difference in quality.

  2. erm you are being ripped off if you are buying white ink 🙂

  3. You know what I meant :-p

  4. Yep – he did mean white ink. How else can he print on Black paper?

  5. But — unoffical ink! +bad! Must uncommit thoughtcrime, make +profits! Unsupport traitor Neil.
    But seriously, doesn’t isn’t non-manafacture ink bad? I read in a photo book that it was so. Who knows, I guess.

  6. “doesn’t isn’t non-manafacture ink” hmm, tripple negation is weird thing

  7. I’ve never heard of Tonik. Up to now I’ve always used Print and had excellent, next day service.
    The only annoying thing is that because my Epson Stylus Colour 680 takes ‘chipped’ cartridges, they’re never in the Buy One Get One Free promotions. Still, at £3 odd for a cartride, I can’t complain! 😀

  8. Thanks Neil, we’ve just had to replace our 5 year old printer with a new Epson so I was on the hunt for a good supplier and there’s nowt like recommendations from friends 😉

  9. if you’re an epson user, try
    the only other thing i would recommend if you do buy from them, is that you send your old carts back to them, and get yourself a bottle of surgical spirit and some cotton wool.
    Give the print head of the supplied cart. a wipe with surgical spirit on the cotton wool. Then insert the cart. into the printer. Should be fine.