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Not blue

Red Nose It’s been a while since I had a theme that wasn’t blue, but with Red Nose Day on the horizon I decided to break with tradition and theme the site up a bit. Don’t consider it to be a permanent change though.
I won’t be doing a lot for RND this year since I’m likely to be busy with other things that day but I have bought this year’s t-shirt and, as you can probably tell from the photo, this year’s nose.


  1. I noticed this earlier… very splashy. Heh. Nice title – “Bot Blue”

  2. Whoa! Very spiffy, if I do say so myself!

  3. I saw the spots earlier today and wondered what that was all about – then saw the name of the file and it became a bit clearer. Looks more like a cow theme to me though.

  4. Hehe – good on ya Neil, it’s great! And a great organisation as well.