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Lots of sleep

From time to time I get junk mail saying that such-and-such-a-site has linked to me because my site is highly relevant to it and that I should link back in return. Today I had one that, on inspection, actually had linked to me – often when I check the site out there is no link. And, for once, it was slightly related to this site as well – it was about sleep.
It might seem weird, but a search of this site using Google for ‘sleep’ returned 103 results. Evidently I talk about it more than I realise.
However, since the site has no real unique content of its own (here’s the DMOZ editor in me coming out), I won’t be returning the favour. In any case, the site has a Google PageRank of 0 so it wouldn’t offer me any advantage.
incidentally, sleep is what I am about to do, so goodnight.

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