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A few stats

The installation of Movable Type that I have on here has:

  • 5 weblogs (3 public, 1 private, 1 testing)
  • 3844 entries
  • 630 trackback pings
  • 47 categories
  • 143 registered Typekey users
  • 7489 documents (both static and dynamic)
  • 24 plugins
  • 3159 MT-Blacklist entries
  • 105 templates

The database is 8.9MB in size. That’s nothing compared to some sites but considering it hasn’t shown signs of slowing down is quite impressive.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the PHP comments code, that saved me a good few hours of coding and testing to remove the javascript 😀

  2. I wonder how big it’d be if you were using WordPress 😉

  3. I’m curious, how did you come up with those stats – specifically the plugins and documents?
    Re: what Steve said – people keep trying to convince me to switch to WP. I almost used it for CyDy Blog but I ended up using MT instead because I was more familiar with it. But when I went to set up my diet blog, I started in with WP because I’d learned enough from my earlier tinkering to be more comfortable using it now. My main problem with WP is that you need to be at least moderately familiar with PHP to do any fancy templating (which I like to do). MT’s tags are reminiscent of HTML, so I’m more comfortable with those.
    Sorry for babbling on in your comments, Neil!

  4. Plugins – counted the number of files in the /plugins folder 🙂 .
    As for files, all the filenames are stored in the mt_fileinfo database table, so that was the total number of records in that table.