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FridayQ: Distance

This week’s FridayQ is all about distance and travelling. And, incidentally, this post is time-travelling as I wrote it last night, but used MT’s ‘post in the future’ feature to have it posted today.

FQ1: What’s the furthest North you’ve been on this world? What were you doing there?

That would be Leuchars, near St Andrews in Scotland. I was there for a wedding anniversary.

FQ2: What’s the furthest South you’ve been on this world? What were you doing there?

Barbados, on holiday, back in 2000.

FQ3: Where were you born, and what’s the furthest you’ve been from that spot?

I was born in York, England. Barbados was the furthest I’ve been from that spot – it’s the other side of the Atlantic ocean and a 7 hour flight.

FQ AWAY: Name a blog you read that’s the most distant from you… whether it be emotionally, culturally, religiously, or by physical location.

By physical location I’d say Ben’s Blab, since Ben is in Australia which is as near as dammit to the other side of the world from England. Religiously I’m unsure, but it would be either Arvind or Anil since as far as I know they’re the only bloggers I read that aren’t Christian or secular. That, incidentally, is just a co-incidence, I don’t choose what blogs to read on religious grounds 🙂 .
Culturally I don’t know, but possibly Arvind again 🙂 – despite what some may say, the culture in Bradford is very different to that of the Middle East. And most of the blogs I read aren’t particularly emotional (Dooce and Revolving Duck being perhaps the only exceptions) so I couldn’t say.

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  1. I’m pretty far-away, aren’t I?