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Even Broaderband

When choosing an ISP back in July, I’m quite glad I chose PlusNet (affiliate link) for our house. They’ve been consistently good to us and I’d recommend them.
I’d especially recommend them now that they’re offering up to 8Mbps ADSL broadband from April. The interesting thing is that instead of offering specific usage allowances with each speed, you can, as far as I can tell, choose any speed from 512Kbps up to 8Mbps, but will pay for actually bandwidth used.
We currently pay £29.99 for “unlimited” usage at 1Mbps. Under the new system, that would get us 50GB per month of peak time usage (from 8am until 1am) plus more bandwidth between 1am and 8am when traffic is lighter – typically we use 30-40GB per month so that’s ample. But instead of browsing at 1Mbps we could be going much faster. The limiting factor is line quality and it is unlikely that everyone will be able to get 8Mbps – especially those who live a long distance away from an exchange – but hopefully living near the centre of a city will mean that we can get a signifcant speed upgrade.


  1. Hmmmm 8Mbps… we’re on 2Mbps at the moment which is fast enough for us.

  2. *drool* I’ve been told I /might/ just be able to get 1Mbps at home, but it may be touch and go…
    At work we’ve got 1Mbp at a 20:1 contention ratio at the exchange, but the exchange is practically at full contention ratio so it’s actually faster for me to work from home on 512k…