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While editing a document, (an alpha version of the upcoming version 2.0) freezes. It doesn’t recover after ample time, so I kill it.
When I run it again, the program realises that it had crashed, and asks me to fill out an error report. I do so and click send. At which point, the error reporting program crashes.
Sometimes you can’t win, can you?
For the intrigued, unless you’re tolerant of major bugs like I am, I would avoid 1.9.x for now and stick to the stable 1.1.4 version. While the new interface is a huge improvement the code is not ready for primetime by any strength of the imagination.
Update: These problems were with version 1.9.77, however 1.9.79 was released yesterday. Hopefully this new version will work better. 🙂


  1. That’s interesting as I’ve been using Open Office 1.9.x for a while now and haven’t get managed to make it crash. I agree that it’s a major improvement over 1.1.x too.
    I wonder what I’m doing wrong?!

  2. One annoying thing with 1.9.x is that if you highlight text with a background colour, a person who opens that document in Word cannot un-highlight these parts! I hope they know about that one, but I’m pretty sure they do.