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Powerhouse’s awful web site

Can I just say that Powerhouse‘s web site is awful?
First of all, it only works in IE – it blocks out other browsers, including Firefox and Opera. And even if you enable user agent cloaking in those browsers it doesn’t work because it uses some silly IE-only Javascript for the navigation.
Even when you do get it, it’s butt-ugly and uses frames. So not only does the heavy use of Javascript make it inaccessable but there’s frames there too.
I’m amazed that such a big company as Powerhouse could have a site that sucked so badly. Compared with the competition (Currys, Comet etc.) it’s left in the dust. Powerhouse could have got away with a site like that 4-5 years ago, but not now.


  1. I totally agree with your comments & to tell the truth the people running it now have no idea what so ever!
    They think they are running a supermarket chain where you can afford to sell a tin of beans as a loss leader to get people in the door but the trouble is they are doing it with a £500 TV which gives you a much greater loss than a tin of beans!
    They run mega sales at the weekends where most of the stuff is sold at 2-5% margin & then pay the staff big bonuses on top to sell it! Take away the costs of running that sale & guess what! You end up in a loss situation again.
    They have a terrible name from the previous company going into receivership & most people will never shop there again but to top it all they are now shutting stores which are wide spread anyway & leaving those customers having to travel 100’s of miles to return faulty goods which of course gives them an even better name!
    Don’t worry though because they won’t be around much longer! As soon as they get an offer for a lease they sell it or if a lease expires they just shut it down.
    They are just trying to get some of their cash back they wasted on this doomed business before they close it down for good or PRG ends up in serious financial trouble!

  2. I think if the company is working as ‘Ex-Worker’ above says it is then I’d avoid it Neil! 😛
    What a stupid way to run a company.

  3. Well, I certainly don’t know anything about the store, but it seems to me that they are going to be losing a lot of business to people not using IE. I will never use IE to go to any site for fear it might cause the installation of spyware, or other unpleasantness.
    I realize that IE still has a huge market share of the browser wars, but it’s dwindling.

  4. The company probably will close down very soon due to these ridiculous weekend offers wich are running at a lose,an example is the £299 panasonic wich has a loss of 7.9%. some stores have staff coming from a completely different retail backgrounds who couldnt run a market stall, i would avoid this company like the plaque