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Power to the Public Transport

As I neither own a car nor am able to drive one, I rely on public transport to get me anywhere much outside Bradford, as do a number of my similarly-immobile friends. Therefore, I’m quite pleased that a new railway station is opening at Glasshoughton.
Glasshoughton is a village near Castleford, which under normal circumstances would not warrant a station. However, it’s now home to the Xscape indoor skiing and leisure complex and the Freeport Castleford shopping outlet. Until now, if I’d wanted to visit, I’d need to get a bus or a train to Leeds and then another bus, with the services finishing at about 7:30pm. Now, I can get a train to Leeds, and then another train direct, which run until almost midnight. Although the buses are every 20 minutes and the train only hourly, the train is about 15 minutes quicker. It also runs late on Sundays whereas the buses stop at about 5:30pm.
The provision of public transport in West Yorkshire really impresses me when compared to York, where you pay a lot more for a somewhat inferior service (although there are now at least buses that run up until midnight there now).

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  1. Neil,
    You’re spot on there – I’ve always been impressed with public transport in that part of Yorkshire. I notice it mainly when out walking. Other nearby areas could do with studying the system and implementing it.
    I originally hail from Manchester, but now alas live in Reading. Your regular positive missives on th’aul RSS are a happy addition to my day – news in the UK is just so London-centric. As it happens my wife’s alma mater is Bradford, so your views have an added resonance.