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Non-partisan, my arse

Via BoingBoing is a campaign by Daily Kos to have various non-partisan sources removed from Google News. This is because Google removed Daily Kos from its News index recently for being non-partisan, yet other non-partisan sources have recently been added, such as the right-wing Power Line.
If they’re in need of a British example, how about the BNP’s Press Release archive? This is most definitely not partisan (it’s a political party after all) and their releases are biased often to the point of sheer untruth. Yet, they’re in Google News and usually come up in most searches related to asylum seekers or refugees.
Kos suggests emailing news-feedback [at] about this. I might well do.
Update: It would appear that Kos actually requested Google remove Daily Kos because it was picking up diary entries with very little content as well as news stories.


  1. Actually, the word is partisan.

  2. I’m with Nick – I think the word you are looking for is partisan. Non-partisan means that it isn’t right- or left-wing; partisan means that it is easily defined as one or the other.