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Cold cures

I’ve all but recovered from a cold (only the second proper one since September, which is impressive compared to previous years), however today’s G2 has some useful hints for dealing with them. Such as:

…help doesn’t have to be hi-tech: a hot toddy, while it won’t prevent a cold, is certainly medicinal. “One or two units of alcohol in a hot toddy can be a great sedative,” says Eccles. Doctor’s orders, then.

Excellent. A trip to the pub is warranted, I think.


  1. I think getting pissed at the corner pub solves a number of ailments.
    As for colds, I am a firm believer in “Airborne” and “Zicam.” Those two, along with frequent hand-washing in antibacterial soap has saved me from many a cold in the season.

  2. as discussed at Lost Pilgrim.. alcohol is definitely a goer for at least the symptoms of a cold 😉
    The other thing I do to avoid colds, aside from not using public transport much, is to breath out whenever you walk past someone. So if they’ve just breathed out a lungful of virus-infected air, it’s disappated at least a bit by the time you inhale it a couple of metres away.. 🙂

  3. As I was once told…

    “Having a cold isn’t bad for you. It’s your bodies way of refreshing your system for the cold weather period.
    It may sound stupid but it’s like when you reboot your machine after installing something. That’s why there is no cure for the common cold, cause there is nothing to cure.
    Yeah sure vitamins and stuff help, but they’re not really curing anything, they’re just better for you to have than not.
    Cold remedies just clear your nose so its easier for you to get through the day and sleep etc.
    Whereas having the flu is a fever generally brought upon by a common fever or bug, in that its a foreign germ in your system.
    Like a virus on a PC. OMG! See we are in The Matrix after all. Hang on, that black cat just walked past again.”

    Makes sense to me really…

  4. My grandmother (a wise old farmer’s wife from the heart of New York… I bet you didn’t know there were farmer’s wives in New York…) used to tell me: “If you take care of yourself, when you have a cold, you will probably have it for about 10 days… and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have it for a week and a half…”

  5. Get better!
    Some chicken soup might help…

  6. Ever since I started getting a flu shot 10 years ago, I don’t catch very many colds. I think it’s because immune system would get run down after the flu and I was more susceptible to other viruses.