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Adding internal Wireless LAN

A couple of weeks ago, Engadget mentioned an article on Tom’s Networking which explained how to add internal wireless LAN to your laptop. I didn’t originally take much notice of it, however, today when cleaning the airflow slots on my laptop I realised just how simple it would be to do myself. The necessary card seems to be available for around £30 including VAT and postage, and fitting it would be a 5 minute job. Furthermore, I could get a 802.11g card instead of b, which is what my current external PCMCIA card is. In turn, I’d be freeing up my PCMCIA slot for something else.
My laptop has a built-in Wifi antenna but the Wifi card was not fitted as standard – it was available as an after-sales option but at the rather steep price of £179.99. Although I gather the price has now come down, it still seems pretty expensive considering I could do it myself for 6 times less, and not have the inconvinience of being without my machine for several days while it is fitted.

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