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FridayQ: Listen

The FridayQ has a sound theme this week.

What’s a sound that makes you happy? Makes you sad?

Happy: A really good bit of music. Sad: crying.

What’s a sound that makes you angry? Makes you calm?

Angry: Like Dave, the error sound in Windows XP. Usually because I want to do something and the computer won’t let me, but also because it’s such a sudden, harsh sound and sometime takes me by surprise. The default sign-in noise for MSN Messenger is a bit annoying too. Calm: Chicane’s album “Behind the Sun”.

What’s a sound that makes you hungry? Makes you lose your appetite?

Hungry: The sound of an ice cream van, or bacon frying. Lose my appetite: The sound of someone being sick.

FQ AUDIBLE: What sounds are you hearing right now?

I’m listening to “Drinking in LA” by Bran Van 3000 on my headphones.

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