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1.5 million invites

The Gmail Invite Spooler now has over 1.5 million Gmail invites to give out. If you’re after a Gmail invite I suggest you go there as you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one. I still have 50 of my own to give out though.
It really can’t be long now before Gmail starts accepting normal user registrations.


  1. Maybe they never indeed to accept “normal user registrations” and they’ll keep trying to ride the wave of the invite frenzy. Unfortunately I think that wave has already crashed, maybe due to Google themselves and the influx of invites availabe lately.
    I’ve still got 45 left, no doubt other people have loads that they haven’t given to the spooler. I don’t think there is much point at the moment as it’s already saturated. Until the number available there starts to go down, rapidly, I’ll hold onto the invites for personal friends.

  2. I had about 20 invites last night, now today I have 50 again. I think Google is using the invite scheme to control the growth of the service. If anyone is looking for an invite, contact

  3. Figuring they have only given out 250,000 since the spooler started back in Sept, that 1.5 million should last a while.

  4. I have 90 at my disposal now. 50 on a side account I made for myself for my website, and 40 on my main account. I would have 50 there, but I gave 10 to “Gmail Invite Spooler” last weekend. 🙂

  5. If Google didn’t want their service to get out of hand with services such as this, they wouldn’t have allowed it. They are much to large a company to over-look something this little. Perhaps they aren’t into the entire “free+come+join+now” persona that Hotmail is about?

  6. Damn! I’ve usually been the first person to post on friends’ blogs that I don’t think Gmail will ever open up freely because they think it’s cool to claim they are an invitation-only service. But at least TWO people have beat me to it here! 😉
    (I’m not logged in through Typekey because I’m posting from my hiptop and it seems not to want to hook up with Typekey at the moment.)

  7. i need a gmail account… anybody there to help..

  8. now a days u get 50 a DAY