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With my housemate having turned off our gateway server last night (and also having left the front door open all night) there’s no internet, so I’m having to use the backup pay-as-you-go dial-up connection for a bit. It’s bringing back horrible memories already.
But there aren’t really alternatives – while a neighbour does have a wireless network running, it seems to be pretty well-secured – I can’t even attempt to connect to it. Then there’s GPRS which is free on my tarriff until the end of this month but I haven’t set it up yet.
Anyway, the phone bill is about to hit 30p so I’d best be getting offline. Let’s just hope that by this evening that this post by Kim will ring true.


  1. If he turned off the gateway server, can’t you just turn it back on? Although, if he left the door open then I’d guess the server is no longer in the flat/house.

  2. I hate it when I leave the door open and all the internet escapes 😉

  3. If anyone sees the internet making a bid for freedom down a street in Bradford, please let me know 🙂 .
    The gateway server was locked in his room so I couldn’t turn it on again. Incidently despite the front door being open for at least 6 hours nothing appears to have been stolen. Considering this is urban Bradford I’d call that impressive.
    Incidently I’m using wifi in the university right now. Boy does it feel good to have decent speed 🙂 .

  4. I’ve been waiting on broadband since September now. BB is hardly ubiquitous in Ireland plus there was a foul up in my order which has meant the horrendous delay. I had originally planned to download HL2 via Steam but that never came to pass. I can’t wait to leave trusty old 56k behind though. The router gets delivered to my work on Thursday. Hopefully. 🙂
    BTW. Are they gravatars in the top right of the comments?

  5. Ah, his door was locked. You could’ve always broken into his room if you’re that desperate for the internet :p
    Anthony: Yeah, they’re Gravatars.

  6. I get broadband Tommorow (Finally). I will be keeping windows closed till its tame and wont try to escape.

  7. *sends good thoughts of fast Internet*

  8. I remember the times going from 1mb broadband at uni, home to 56k at home. It was a nightmare. Now we’ve got 2mb here at uni, but at least we’ve got 512k at home. Both my parents and I can be on the internet and some can still ring. Ah technology!

  9. Nothin worse than going from 3mb wireless to 56k dial up, being tethered…
    Though, tecnically, we’re on 6mb now as we have 3mb Cable and 3mb DSL going through a dual LAN router
    the words shit and a shiny shovel come to mind

  10. There was rather a lot of internet in the Chesham labs at university the other day (24mbit of it) – your bit of internet might have wanted to escape back to it’s friends here with me.
    And we’ve left our doors open all day with nothing going missing. It rather freaks people out when they walk back home with you late at night, see the open door and you tell them it’s normal.

  11. i’d settle for 56K. When I leave my broadband PC in York to go to see my dear darling mother for a bit she’s got no PC at all!