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Blake Ross is mine!

Blake Ross on the cover of Wired The student union shop had a couple of copies of the February 2005 issue of Wired Magazine which has Blake Ross on the cover, so naturally I had to get myself one. It was the best part of £4, but it’s a must-have for any true Firefox fan. Even if the accompanying article is only a few pages long and available for free on the web anyway.
And incidentally it was one year ago today that Firebird became Firefox with the release of version 0.8.


  1. Wow so that means I’ve been using Firefox for one year.

  2. Are there any more copies left? I might head down now if so!?

  3. Heh, I still run Firebird 0.7 on my laptop for shits n giggles
    And yeah, something for Firefox fans along with the NYT advert

  4. Wouldn’t that £4 have been better spent on donating to one of the open-source projects? But then I didn’t even buy a Wired magazine when I was in it.
    And Greg – I thought I was on an old version of Firefox, but Firebird 0.7?!

  5. Yeah, rocking it old skool 😛

  6. Richard: I suppose. But I was also curious to see what Wired was like since I’ve never read a ‘proper’ issue before. There was some quite interesting stuff in there.
    Greg: You do know that there have been a whole range of security fixes made since 0.7? Mind you, that would explain the hits I’m getting from Firebird users. And Phoenix (!) users too.

  7. Hehe, I just use it on my dramatically over-stressed and under powered laptop for a giggle, I use Firefox 1.0 as well.

  8. For a second there I was thinking “who’s Blake Ross?”. ** Goes off to study Who’s Who in Open Source **

  9. It’s really bad but I can’t resist. 🙂
    All Your Blakes Belong To Us

  10. You should subscribe to WIRED Magazine, I do. It consistently has great stuff in it.

  11. One year??? Ugh, that is such a scary thought. Time really has flown by.

  12. Ken: For Brits, an annual subscription is $70. Sure, it saves a bit of money per issue but it’s still a lot to shell out. And the free gifts aren’t as good. 😉