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64 bits of Windows

If you have a 64-bit processor (namely a AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support or a Intel Pentium 4 with Intel EM64T support, but not an Intel Itanium), then you can install the public preview of Windows XP Professional x64 – it’s a free download, or you can order it on CD. It is, of course, time limited – you’ll have to install the final release when it’s released to carry on using it.

For everyone else, Microsoft’s February patches are on there way any time now – the bulletin summary, which has full details of the patches and what they fix, is already up, however the patches have not yet propagated to Windows Update yet Patches now seem to be available – I’m updating now.

Meanwhile, MSN Messenger has been down for over an hour now, with the MSN Messenger home page returning a runtime error. One of the patches affects MSN Messenger – it fixes a flaw in its PNG processing code which would allow remote code execution.


  1. Well MSN is working for me, but my usual 10 or so contacts regularly online are not there. All lonely
    ..and Windows has just popped up with some juicy new updates for me.
    So I must be doing something right. Maybe it’s my strict pancake and Jif Lemon diet? 🙂

  2. I’ve been getting our windows update server working today and then (im)patiently waiting for the new updates and they never arrived until after i’ve gone home! Still hopefully this will be a good test of how it all works. Home PC has not detected any new patches yet though.

  3. You do all know that there are Office (and other) updates which don’t come through Windows Update?
    64bit windows is a little tempting, there were major driver issues when I was last looking at it so I didn’t bother. Perhaps now it’ll cope a little better. Actually though, I’m quite happy on 64bit Gentoo at the moment – no unexpected crashes since I installed it last week.
    And yes, MSN is down for me too – I was worried with the MSN updates they’d started blocking other clients again. If only everybody moved to Jabber.

  4. Yes, I know Windows Update isn’t the be-all-and-end-all for updates from MS – though arguably it should be.
    I do wish more people would use Jabber as well but it could do with a few more standard features, like being able to block people, group chat (as opposed to conferences), audio and video chat and avatars. Sure, some of those might seem like flimsy things to some people but if it’s to compete with the ‘big 4’ it needs them. Jabber’s supposed to be extensible so I’m surprised that no-one has proposed anything as of yet. You could use an open standard like Speex or Ogg Theora for the audio/video chat functions – in fact Trillian uses Speex when communicating with another Trillian user.

  5. MSN Messenger Messed Up

    MSN Messenger has been having problems all day, and their home page reveals a telling story….

  6. SUS currently only supports Windows and IE updates, wait till WUS and MUS are released. Then you can keep on top of all your automated Microsoft update needs. 🙂