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At the moment I’m really liking the mashup of Jay-Z’s ‘Encore’ with Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’, part of an album called Collision Course which has 5 more mashups using the same concept.
While I do like some of Linkin Park’s stuff, I’ve never been a big fan of rap, however this song is brilliant – better than its two component parts, even though I did like Numb on its own. It sounds fresh and new and really stands out compared to other songs.
I have listened to a few songs from DJ Dangermouse’s ‘The Grey Album‘, the famously banned album which fused several of Jay-Z’s tracks (‘Encore’ included) with elements of Beatles songs, but I didn’t really like it.
I’m also liking “Battle without Honor” by Tomoyasu Hotei, which is the theme music to the menu on the Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD, and “Jerk It Out” by Caesars Palace, the theme music to the TV commercials for the iPod Shuffle (“It’s easy, once you know how it’s done…”).
With dance music dying a horrible death of late I’ve had to find some different new music to listen to, but thankfully there’s some pretty cool stuff out there.


  1. They’re playing Points Of Authority/99 Problems from that album on Kerrang radio quite a lot (I’m fairly into my rock at the moment). Perhaps the best mashup of recent months though is the Kleptone’s Night at The Hip-Hopera.

  2. I got th cd, and the dvd that comes with it is pretty cool, you see it’s more of a Linkin Park headed project with Jay-Z coming along for the ride, but very cool none the less. The live versions are much better, listening to Jay-Z rapping “Jigga What” over “Faint” at high speed is a thing of wonder.

  3. I own Collision Course and I just bring myself to liking it. [Here is my review]( It is definatly interesting, but not really good music.

  4. I think The Grey Album is miles better than the Jay-Z/Linkin Park stuff. With the Grey Album everything forms a mesh of loads of different songs and samples but with the Jay-Z/Linkin Park stuff it’s just like they’re alternating between two different songs.

  5. does eny one know when linkin park will be playing in the uk in 2005?? if so plz email me eny info u have would ve grate thnakx