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Allsorts of people

Arrival On Thursday night I went to Allsorts, an LGBT night at the student union (although it’s open to anyone, hence the name ‘Allsorts’). I’ve been a couple of times in the past but this was the first time in a while, the theme being a ‘traffic light party’ – wear red if you’re not interested, yellow if you might be interested and green if you’d be annoyed if you went home unattached. I was wearing red.
In any case, I took the camera with me and took these photos, amongst others that didn’t come out quite so well – the low light conditions meant that I needed a long exposure time and people get moving. And the flash just makes everything look dull.
My photos from last night were somewhat less interesting, such as this customised plastic pint glass and one where I had a bit of fun with on Picasa2. If you’re interested, last night’s topics of conversation included telepathic vomiting and why a very diminuitive girl was carrying around a large inflatable doll.

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