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FridayQ: Sleepy

Considering I’m somewhat sleep-deprived and hungover (going out the night before a 9:30am lecture is never a wise idea), this FridayQ is somewhat apt…

FQ1: On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Do you think that’s a good number?

This is very much an average figure but I’d say about 8 hours – sometimes it’s as low as 5 like Tuesday night but can be as much as 11 when I get a lie-in. I could probably do with more, considering I have what I would call a comparitively low caffeine intake – I don’t drink tea or coffee – but I get what I can. And I almost always wake up between 8 and 9 in the morning without fail, which is really annoying at weekends when I have the opportunity of a lie-in.

FQ2: Have you any sleep essentials? A nightlight or teddy bear perhaps? Must the door and closet be either closed or open?

Not really, but I do try to have the room as dark as possible. I also like quietness, or at least no annoying noises; sometimes I can sleep with background noise but sometimes things like a ticking clock can put me off. My teddies are all back at my parents house.

FQ3: What do you wear to bed? What color are your sheets? How many pillows under your head?

I have pyjama t-shirt and shorts, and sometimes wear thick socks if it’s cold. My sheets are blue and I have a dark blue double duvet, even though I only have a single bed. I take 2 pillows, which have artificial filling because of my asthma.

FQ BIG SLEEP: Share some helpful advice you use when having trouble falling asleep.

Avoid caffeine and sugar before going to bed, and try having a clear head too – if there’s a lot on your mind, try a bit of meditation. I had one night a couple of years ago where I’d had lots of sugarry alcopops beforehand and then couldn’t sleep because I was on a sugar high, after which I started to move on to less suggary tipples.

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