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Car crash

Car Crash I’ve commented on bad driving in Bradford before but last night there was quite a bad accident just off the university campus on Shearbridge Road, at the junction with Woodhead Road and Longside Lane near Rios.
When I went past at some time after 2am, the Police were clearing up, with the car involved being loaded onto a lorry. The car was a total write-off – I wouldn’t think anyone in there will have escaped uninjured. It looks like it had had a head-on collision with a 4×4 vehicle (which sustained a bit of frontal damage), and then ended up wrapped around a ‘Give Way’ sign, which was being cut away when I walked past.
I got a couple of photos but they haven’t come out that well unfortunately.


  1. I saw this last night. The white car looked like it’d had the roof cut off my a firecrew. When I walked passed/around there were about eight police officiers about video taping and taking photos of it. No one else was about. The 4×4 vehicle hardly had much damaged, especially compared to the other, though the airbags had gone off.
    Driving in Bradford is bad at the best of times. And that junction is a death trap (well, coupled with the drivers in this city).
    When walking back from university this morning I noticed grit on the road and the gutter was…well red.

  2. The junction is appalling, I avoid it whenever possible when I drive around Bradford. It was only a matter of time.

  3. My mum was driving me home the other night and I saw lots of flashing blue lights. I told her you’d blog about it. You now have a new reader.

  4. Muppetette: The situation should hopefully improve soon as I believe the university is applying for permission to close the section of Longside Lane that runs along the back of campus behind Longside and Kirkstone Halls. It also wants to close Richmond Road between The Peel and the Richmond Building and Tumbling Hill Street from where Gaudis was up into campus. That way it won’t be a crossroads anymore so it should be a bit less of a deathtrap.
    Tom: The more readers, the merrier 🙂 .