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Pleasant surprise

Screenshot of an Internet Explorer icon that has turned into Firefox After logging on to one of the Informatics cluster machines in the university today, I saw that my IE icon has magically turned into a Firefox one 🙂 . The school has installed both Firefox 1.0 and Thunderbird 1.0 on all of the Windows machines. Not sure if it’s on Linux as well but we have Mozilla on those anyway.


  1. That is indeed one pleasant surprise. Really need to convince my school. But well, I don’t know if our prehistoric beasts run open-source software.

  2. Presumably still called Internet Explorer for those that would scream if they couldn’t find it?

  3. I’ve attempted to get the College here (Norwich City College), but they said something along lines of “we can’t control it as much we can with IE.”
    Something about Group Policies – thankfully I can use Portable Firefox on my thumb drive 😀

  4. So they’ve hidden IE totally now? I posted about them installed Firefox at the start of the year. –

  5. My school recently removed Firefox from their network. They had it installed, but not many people were using it. When they found out people had begun using it to access Java applets and Flash files, they completely locked us out, quoting “Network security” as the issue. D’oh!

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  7. Cool!
    I wish and hope my uni (Uppsala, Sweden) will do the same, if they haven’t already. (Was a while since I checked out the computer rooms.)