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  1. Not sure why, when I open the PDF I get some strange error message that it can’t find a certain font and that it might be displayed incorrectly.
    It doesn’t give me a proper font name though, just a very long “font name” string. Too long to remember or write down and copy/paste didn’t work.
    Did you use an unusual font or something like that? Just wondering if this is my problem or if others (including potential employers) might have the same problem.

  2. I only used Arial – wouldn’t exactly call that unusual… I did turn off the option to include fonts to try to keep the file size down. I’ve enabled font embedding and uploaded it again so it’s now somewhat bigger (23KB).
    Thanks for letting me know though.

  3. That seems to have fixed it, now I can open it without problem or error message.

  4. You’ve just given away your home address on the internet….I know I use internet shopping, but isn’t this a little unsafe?!

  5. The mailto address in the PDF version doesn’t appear to match the email address. Is that Adobe Reader trying to be clever and converting the text into a mailto link, or did you embed it yourself?

  6. Muppetette: Potential employers have got to be able to contact me somehow. As much as I hate to do it I suppose it’s a necessary evil.
    David: Hmmm, that’s interesting. Why can’t PDFs be simple? 🙂