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TypeKey and MT-DBSL incompatibility

It looks like there’s a bug in Brad Choate‘s MT-DBSL plugin which affects TypeKey users. I have this plugin set up so that if someone posts a comment from an IP address that is on DBSL’s list of open proxies, their post isn’t shown immediately but put in a queue for moderation.
The problem is, if they’re an ‘approved’ TypeKey author, MT doesn’t recognise this. The comment will show as approved in the MT backend, but it won’t appear on the site. In the comments table in the MT database, the comment appears like any other unmoderated comment, but there’s no option in the MT backend to approve it since it reckons it’s already been approved.
Currently the only workaround is manually editing the relevant field in the comments table to make MT show the comment. I could make a slighlty more elegant solution via a plugin, once I know some Perl, but for now I’d consider this a bug.
I am actually considering not using MT-DBSL in future as it seems to be causing more problems than it’s solving – it doesn’t seem to catch much spam at all in my case, but has been catching legitimate comments from a couple of regular commenters.


  1. Ahh that would make sense as to why my comments were always being moderated. Stupid ISP.

  2. I quit using the plugin for a couple reasons:
    1) My comment notification e-mails were showing that the comment was posted, but I never knew if it went into the moderation queue, so I always forgot to go in and check.
    2) Many of my most frequent commenters were getting blacklisted by the plugin, so I removed the thing to get them through without trouble (since I don’t have TypeKey setup quite yet).