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Communicate, dammit!

I can’t seem to get my newly-bought data cable for my Nokia 7250i to do anything useful. It’s a non-OEM USB DKU-5 cable which I bought cheaply off eBay. Nokia Data Suite can see that I have a 7250i, but will say ‘This phone is unsupported’ or give me some obscure error code which is usually different each time. I have managed a connection twice but on both occasions I wasn’t able to do anything with the phone. I’ve tried it both when the phone has been on batteries and plugged into the mains.
The cable does seem a bit odd though. The drivers for it created a virtual serial port, COM5, which the data suite then communicated with. Seems a rather strange way to do things. I’ve tried doing a system restore and installing everything again in case I messed up the first time but it’s made no difference.
In any case, if anyone has any suggestions I wouldn’t mind hearing them. I have a feeling that I’m going to need to buy a better cable, though with some retailing for as much as £40 new I’m a little reluctant.
Update: Based on Richy‘s suggestions, I’ve bought myself an USB IrDA adaptor for my laptop.


  1. That’s how the nokia data cables work. It’s really bizarre creating the virtual com ports and such. I have a data cable I used for my Nokia 6800 but now I’ve got a bluetooth phone which doesn’t even have a port for the connector. It’s an official Nokia one, if it works you can have it… cheaply 😉

  2. Yeah i’ve had similar issues with my shitty Siemens phone and dodgy cheapo cable in the past. Same setup, creates com port from usb connection. Has a habit of detecting the phone, or not. Seems to be a bit backward when you think about it. USB reverting to being serial. Ah well…
    Anyone have any recommendations for phones? I’m looking for something with all the features but not one of these fun looking kiddy type phones. Budget of approx. 100 – 150 quid… any ideas?
    Pay as you blow, sim free, whatever 😛

  3. Instead of going down the datacable route, I went down the Infrared one with my (now very old) Nokia 6210. A little USB Infrared thingy from Maplin (or on a laptop), load the software, wait for it to setup it’s own Virtual Com port and bingo. Direct synching of my address book to the Nokia software and ability to save SMS text messages to my computer, send from my computer (ideal for 10 part text messages – much easier with a proper keyboard) and general editing/settings.
    Any phone I look to purchase now MUST have Infrared – ok, “old technology” compared with Bluetooth, but it does what I need and it does it quick.

  4. Hmmm, Infrared. Now there’s a good idea. There’s some IrDA dongles going cheap on eBay and it’ll work with any phone… Okay, so you have to hold the phone in line of sight but it should be less hassle. Thanks Richy! 🙂

  5. infrared worked all the time for me on my nokia 6210 which was great for sending texts and synching the phone book up with outlook and the contacts and dates etc. However, it was a pig trying to make data calls trying to balance the laptop and mobile on your lap and type on the keyboard at the same time. Bluetooth helps in that respect but is a nightmare to get working and I can rarely get it working now that i’ve changed my username/domain on the laptop – used to work flawlessly once i’d worked out the sequence of starting bluetooth, connecting the virtual com port and then synching the phone. Give me infrared and a table anyday 🙂

  6. >>The drivers for it created a virtual serial port, >>COM5, which the data suite then communicated with. >>Seems a rather strange way to do things.
    Not at all; my palm syncs with my computer via means of bluetooth and a virtual serial port. But that said, I agree with Andy; bluetooth is a pain. Grr.