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How depressing was your day?

Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year, based on a calculation by someone from Cardiff University with too much time on his hands *. To quote:

He settled on January 24 after using an elaborate formula expressing the delicate interplay of lousy weather, post-Christmas debt, time elapsed since yuletide indulgence, failed new year resolutions, motivation levels, and the desperate need to have something to look forward to.

For me personally, today wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow will be worse since I have my (one and only) exam, but today was spent in the pub, revising (honest!) with a couple of friends. I’m actually somewhat chilled out about the exam – while it’s going to be a bit of an uphill battle I know that I don’t have to do spectacularly to get a good mark. Though I was a bit peeved to learn that the hours I’ve spent learning about and HTML::Template have probably gone to waste as apparently Perl won’t be in the exam 🙁 . Still, it’ll be useful for my final year project which needs quite a bit of Perl.
(* = Yes, okay, that’s probably a bit rich coming from someone who saws phone books in half when he’s bored…)


  1. Today was fairly u shaped, with a good start and end but a poor middle. So if we take their formula as counting the middle of the day then it’s fairly accurate for me. Count the ends and it’s as good as any other day, if not better – I actually understand critical paths now (I think).

  2. Least all my exams are over. Only one report left to hand in and that’s in February. Only problem is I have a major presentation this week :'(

  3. It could have been better… Got a little under the weather. Probably from playing with a toy I bought for my wife for her birthday (RC Truck) when I was a little hot from rerouting some phone wiring in the house.

  4. So, if I have a great day today, does that mean the rest of the year will be uber-great? Hmmm…
    Well I am swamped with work today, but it’s not a “bad” day per se… ^_^

  5. I failed to build Firefox with en-GB but SVG works. And the Extensions and Themes dialogs don’t. A semi-success.
    I then installed Ruby on Rails and I still don’t know what it actually does.
    Lots of blog-reading. I didn’t learn a lot but I ate two slices of two different cakes.
    An average day.

  6. My day was pretty good all round really, no qualms at all, met up with people I haven’t seen since last term which was nice.