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FridayQ: New

Can you believe it’s been over 6 months since the first FridayQ? And yet Dave still keeps coming up with original questions. Here’s today’s.

What’s a new food or drink you’ve tried? How’d it go?

I’ve recently taken a liking to Cuervo Tequila mixed with Cola. You get some weird looks when ordering it at the bar – I think people assume that you’ve had a bad day and are out to get hammered – but actually it’s quite nice.
Food-wise my cooking has been a little experimental of late, due to a rather interesting assortment of food in my cupboard (i.e. nothing that goes together with anything else), but I wouldn’t say any of it was necessarily ‘new’.

What’s a new television show or movie you’ve seen or book you’ve read? How’d it go?

I’ve been watching ‘According to Bex’ on BBC1 lately, which I suppose isn’t bad but not as funny as ‘My Family’ (by the same writers). Oh, and I watched ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’ taped from a couple of weeks ago. It is well-worth watching – some parts are utterly hilarious, and if you have an open mind it’s not that controversial.

What’s a new place you’ve been to or web site you’ve visited? How’d it go?

New place? Not really been anywhere new lately, unless you count Bracknell in December in which case it was as bad as I was expecting (you might be able to twig that I really don’t like Bracknell). As for new sites, again, nowhere interesting.

FQ NEW: Do the new! What’s something new you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t? What’s stopping you?

I’ve been wanting to use Mac OS X, but I don’t have a Mac. Yet.

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  1. It will be a miracle of some kind if I can keep it going another six months! 🙂