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I’ve been a fan of Microsoft’s ‘Alt-Tab Replacement’ PowerToy for Windows XP for some time now. It replaces the standard alt+tab task switcher with a nicer dialog which shows a thumbnail preview of the application.
However, it was quite a bit slower at appearing than the standard dialog, which is why I’m pleased to find TaskSwitchXP. It offers the same enhancements as Microsoft’s own program, but appears almost instantaneously and is more configurable – you can set transparency levels, alter the font and so forth. It’s also open source, and integrates with the current Windows theme, including Royale.


  1. Or you could be like me, and use a logitech mx1000 mouse which has an application switch button on it that brings up the equivalent of alt+tab (and can be configured to be ctrl+tab in firefox)
    pretty sweet if I do say so myself

  2. TaskSwitchXP

    TaskSwitchXP home
    TaskSwitchXP provides the same functionality as the existing application switching mechanism in Windows XP/2003 today. When the hotkey combination Alt + Tab (or Alt + Shift + Tab) is pressed, TaskSwitchXP generates the list of open w…

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention – this really is quite brilliant!

  4. This is a sweet applicaiton. Thanks for telling us about it!