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  1. Do you suffer from latent unexpressed hostility?
    You also need to cut your finger nails. I don’t thinking cutting through all those pages can be that good for your knife.
    But it sure did look fun.

  2. Hi,
    Great post. I think you need to either get out a bit more though or find a girlfriend 🙂
    Happy New Year

  3. Ben: Cut them this morning.
    Jon: Yes.

  4. … I’m glad you live so far away so I can safely ask ‘Why?’

  5. Nice 1 neil! I absolutely love cutting up directorys, you should see our phonebook! Let me know next time your doing it, ill come along, shall we?

  6. Hi its me again, JD. Ignore that idiot Jon Fowler, hes not pretending to be me, I speak for myself. I love cutting stuff up, i have special scissors and everything. The other day i tried to cut off my own wanger.
    lots of love
    Jonny D

  7. Impressivley impressive…
    I’d doff my cap to you, if I was wearing one, which I’m not, so I wont…

  8. I’d like to think we can move to ‘normal people’ trying to recycle their directories. Given your prolific use of the net, Neil, isn’t it time to let YP know you don’t actually need one anymore?
    Great post all the same! You bloody nutter!

  9. **You nutter!**
    Thank God I’m not in Leeds.

  10. Jonathan: Neither am I, I’m in Bradford…