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Inline spellchecking in Thunderbird

This is something to get excited about – a Thunderbird test build with inline spellchecking included. This means that instead of manually clicking on the ‘check spelling’ button or have Thunderbird check your spelling when you send the message, you’ll instead get the dotted red underlining like you do in Word. Here’s a screenshot of the feature in action.
I’m going to download it now, but make sure you read the notes in the thread – this is a test build from the Gecko 1.8 trunk and isn’t as stable as TB 1.0. You would be wise to install it in a separate folder.
It’s yet another feature that sets it apart from Outlook Express. There really is barely any excuse to use that client now.


  1. I’ve had this for a while with the use of an extension

  2. I wonder if, after mscott gets the stuff checked in, Firefox will leverage the changes so we can have in-line spell checking within the application (for text areas on websites etc.)

  3. Thunderbird to get inline spell checking

    Thanks to Neil for the heads up. Looks like Mozilla Thunderbird is getting inline spelling checking. Cool stuff! Always wondered why e-mail clients don’t do this…well that question isn’t important anymore :)…