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Picasa 2 Rocks!


Thanks to Chris G for letting me know that Google has just released Picasa 2, a new version of their photo editing tool that they acquired last year. It’s really worth the download – it has a superb auto-adjust mode called ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ which can instantly fix bad photos, like the one above which was taken using the flash in a very smoky environment. It’s also good for managing photos, such as categorising and tagging them. My father would really like this.

(It’s Windows-only, I’m afraid)


  1. Mac users get iPhoto bundled free with every Mac, which has a similar “magic” auto-enhance feature. It does such a terrific job that I find myself using it more and more frequently instead of starting up Photoshop. So don’t feel too sorry for us! 🙂

  2. Another program I find useful for quick photo resizing, reformating and such like is Irfanview – it’s free too! Very quick for the small simple mods to piccys!

  3. The new version of iPhoto (the one that was shown off at the keynote) looks like it rocks!
    If they can do iTunes, why can’t they do iPhoto for windows.

  4. Update: ooh, it’s actually much better then I thought it would be!
    Thanks for the news Neil!

  5. I have one complaint so far. It doesn’t allow me to add pictures from multiple folders at once. I have all of our pictures on a network drive and I have to add them one folder at a time to get them all into Picasa.

  6. Mike Wills – I’ve solved this problem. Map your network path to a drive letter, then you can select the root directory of your structure to Picasa. I have my photos stored in subdirectories on a Linux file server using Samba, and Picasa catalogues the subdirectories automatically without problems.

  7. they changed export
    now can not export
    and over ride saved pic on 3½ disc
    as a resave or as a move