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Mac Mini EU pricing petition

CNet is reporting that European Mac fans are petitioning Apple to reduce its EU prices to be more in-line with the US.

U.K. customers will also be forced to pay more than their counterparts across the Atlantic. The cheaper Mac Mini sells for $499 in the United States (around £268). However, to buy the same Mac in the United Kingdom would cost £339.

One U.K. resident, Steve Netting, who signed the petition, said: “We always get ripped off in the UK. Would be great to finally see a company treating us as equals.”

Here, here. CNet doesn’t link to the petition but it’s available here for you to sign. I’m about to do so myself. It’s had over 2700 signatures so far.
Note that the figures I quoted above for the Mac Mini don’t take into account VAT, shipping, import tax and whatnot – if they did, the £339 price would actually be quite reasonable. However, many of Apple’s other products are heavily and inexplicably marked up for non-US customers and it’s something that Apple need to do less of.


  1. Sorry – I can’t agree with this. I live in the UK and I’m all for cheaper goods but the maths don’t add up.
    US prices are quoted WITHOUT tax. State taxes vary so the actual price you pay will depend on where you live.
    The UK price includes tax at 17.5%. So a more fair comparison would be:
    US Price $499 = approx £268
    UK price (EX VAT) = £288
    A not so huge £20 difference. This could easily be accounted for in Interest rate fluctuation. Apple don’t know what the rate will be in the longer term so they play it safe.

  2. And what’s more, seeing as your a student (aren’t you?) Neil, you can get it for £271 off the Apple Education store, which is what, £3 more than the equivalent US price?
    And just to correct something else, the original £339 price you quoted does include shipping, assuming you were quoting from the Apple Store

  3. Actually Siobhan the only discount I get is a £20 student discount, not the £271 price. Sure, they’re cheaper for students but that’s not the point.

  4. Fair enough, you’re right, that’s not the point. But still, free shipping and including VAT? It’s still pretty close to the US price.
    I agree, we do pay more for things over here. It’s just lucky that they’re not pricing the Mac Mini the same way that petrol’s priced 😉
    (How come you only get £20 discount? Even our cleaners get to claim the education price)

  5. In economic theory price should reflect the supply of and demand for a good in a given market. Naturally, as the UK is not the same market as the US, the price will be different. No reason for it to be the same at all.

  6. I like the Google ads amongst the petition signatures…

    The New Mac Mini
    Now Only £398.99!

  7. Actually the price of the base model Mac mini for staff and students to buy for themselves is £305.50, the price for the institution to buy (ie for use within the University or College or whatever) is £260. (These prices are from the Apple Store HE)