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Ooops, I did it again

I can’t tell you how relieved I am right now. In fact, I don’t think a word exists that describes just how relieved I am right now.
I managed to make Windows unbootable again while attempting to install a Linux distro, this time Ubuntu. Like last time it failed due to a lack of disk space, though only just; it managed to install enough to get X running and show a graphical login screen. When I shut down and tried to boot into Windows, I got ‘NTLDR is missing’, the same error as last time. So I tried Andy’s suggested fix, and it didn’t work. This was the point at which I started shouting obscenities.
I tried all sorts of stuff with partitions but eventually gave up. I don’t have the recovery disks with me in Bradford, so there was no way I could re-install Windows (well… no legal way…), so I resigned to having to do without Windows for a while. So I booted to Knoppix (via a freshly toasted CD-R) and altered my partition table again, giving Ubuntu an extra 600MB. I then re-installed Ubuntu.
This time, it installed fine, and I was up and running. I used this for about an hour, after which I just got frustrated with it. I decided to give Windows one last try. And, instead of that horrid message, I actually got the Windows logo!
That said, the first boot failed – the system just froze part-way through. However, on reboot I was able to use the Last Known Good Configuration and everything was fine.
So, after all that, Windows is working again and I have Ubuntu running. I will write a fuller review of Ubuntu soon (it did leave quite a bit to be desired, I’m afraid), but in the meantime I’m in the need of a pub and a stiff drink…


  1. I have to say Ubuntu is the only Linux distribution that I’ve got on with. I’ve not moved to Hoary yet but my business partner has at home and he says he’s not had much problem at all.. Good luck and have fun 🙂

  2. dude i didnt realise there were actually people like u out there. u gotta get urself a life and/or a drug habit. theres a whole world out there either do sumthin productiv or just chill the fuck out and make the best of things

  3. theres a whole world out there … do sumthin productiv

    Like posting trollish comments on a blog?

  4. LOL – good comeback Martey 🙂 . I hadn’t thought of that one.

  5. A lot of recent linux distro’s seem to be screwing windows up. If it’s anything like the issue fedora core 2+3 has its because of kernal 6.2 (or whatever they are on now), it comes down to linux now using a different way to calculate the geometry of your HDD and it all depends on your particular drive.
    Basically if the geometry isn’t stored in the MBR in a way windows is used to (and it’s very picky) it panics. You can always run “fixmbr” from the XP recovery console when this happens.