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Never trust attorneys

Oh, this is priceless. Martin Schwimmer, over at The Trademark Blog, publishes a Creative Commons licensed blog with an RSS feed. Several (well… 190) Bloglines users subscribe to the feed so that they can read it.

Schwimmer finds out that Bloglines are ‘reproducing’ his content without the Creative Commons notice (since there’s no mention of the license in the feed through the Creative Commons RSS Module or similar), and asks them to remove his content on the basis that it’s a commercial use and a derivative work – prohibited under the conditions of the CC license that he had chosen.

He then closes his entry with this quote:

If anyone desires the convenience of being notified only when this blog (or most any blog) is updated, then I recommend subscribing to one of the many RSS programs available.

What??? Bloglines is an ‘RSS program’, of sorts. It just happens to be web-based and publicly accessible.

Something tells me this guy needs a clue injection.

With thanks to Ed Bott and Scoble. Actually, Scoble has more on this and has said he’s unsubscribed. Not surprising, really.


  1. Something is certainly weird here. I read his post and still don’t understand the bit at the end about using an RSS program. My only guess is that he expects feed readers to not having advertizing in them. Most the desktop clients don’t, but I suspect that some do.
    If he doesn’t want loss of control, he’s going to have to drop the RSS part completely. Go to a newsletter format where when ever he posts something, an email is sent out to people who want to read it.
    Did you notice that he uses a Google search to search his site? I wonder why he’s not all up in arms about the fact that the results of a search on his site shows ads? I’m getting the impression that he’s not all that up on computers and the Internet. 🙂

  2. I find this one even funnier:
    “I create content in part to promote my law firm, which I cannot do effectively if my contact info is removed”
    Eh? Hello? You contact info won’t be displayed in any RSS-Aggregator, for the simple reason that (apart from your e-mail address) it isn’t included in your RSS feed.

  3. Aha, this is absolutely STUPID. I wonder how much traffic has dropped to the RSS as everyone removes his feeds. That’s all I’ve gotta say on these aburd actions.

  4. Some mothers do ‘ave em.

  5. It looks like Bloglines has complied with his wishes. When I just tried to subscribe it said “That Blog Does Not Exist.”

  6. Trouble Brewing over Search Engines, Aggregators and Copyrights

    Scoble points out a row brewing over RSS aggregator Bloglines and Russ Beattie

  7. What cracks me up about all this is that he seems to feel that so long as he gets about 15 cents a click-thru from Google, it’s alright to put ads up. Even though he could be losing a $10,000 client!
    I really get the impression that he really doesn’t have a clue.